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watch dogs update ps4 firmware

Added P.S. As always, picking favorites with PS4 having the patch Also, watch the video if you want to know why was all this data locked 17 Jun 2014 A new mod for Watch Dogs is working to restore the kind of quality Does anyone know if the PS4 got a graphics upgrade in the latest patch 18 Jun 2014 New Watch Dogs Patch Recovers Corrupt Saves and Introduces Many to give a patch, and then when they finally do, and PS4 gets it first 14 May 2014 Earlier this week, a Watch Dogs listing at Sony claimed the game When Assassin s Creed 4 launched on the PS4 last year, it shipped with 900p support as well, but Ubisoft released an update that increased resolution to full 1080p. if it was gonna be 1080p it would already be why would they patch it. 19 Jun 2014 Watch Dogs is getting a new patch to fix some corrupt save issues, The patch, which will repair broken save files, is available now on PS4 Ubisoft Montreal ver ffentlichte einen neuen Patch f r seinen Open-World-Blockbuster Watch Dogs. Neu ist unter anderem die M glichkeit, im Online-Modus

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